Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Culinary exploration...

I seem to become fixated on foodstuffs, exploring one till I lose interest or another sultry dish comes along to steal my interest (Squirrel!).

Lately, the lowly dish of 'Porridge' has been a morning staple.  Not everyday, but almost every other day I'd hazard a guess.

Porridge is the archaic generic term for any dish made with boiled grains.  Made with Oats as the grain, we vulgar Americans call it simply 'Oatmeal'..... but it goes far deeper than that.

The dish can be savory, with meat, herbs, and spices... and suddenly we've built something a traveler of the 15th century silk road would recognize and salivate over.  Make it creamy and sweet, and we approach a dessert pudding status.

Lately I've been rocking an Amish porridge made with different rolled grains.  I'm exploring the options..... added dry fruit.... sweetening with syrup, honey, brown sugar..... spicing it up with cinnamon and nutmeg.

It's odd to think I'm finding so much delight in what's considered 'Prison Food' in some countries.

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