Thursday, February 28, 2013

Morning news dump....

Bob Woodward has some rather harsh viewpoints towards the current administrations actions.... and it seems the President responds in the Chicago way.  Luckily, by e-mail and he internet.... and ain't no hiding that stuff anymore.  UPDATE:  Now the White House says"No we didn't say that, well maybe we did but we didn't mean it like that, whadya mean you keep copies of e-mail?"

Well, it looks like that slight decrease in the rate of spending increase (Massive draconian cuts we're all gonna die children will be homeless schools will close crime will explode it's all Bush's fault etc etc) may actually be happening.  Across the board, this will probably be a non-issue in reality, as most of the HooHaa is a manufactured crisis for political gain.... except for the military.  You see, CONgress pretty closely controls military budgeting, all the better to feed their pet pork barrel projects on the sweet defense spending.  Other departments often get big piles of cash, and the regulatory power to disburse as needed.  The military has actual detailed budgets voted on by Congress.    You KNOW that means Congress and the administration will thoroughly screw this up.

Wow!  The House Speaker tells members the coffee bar will no longer have the brandy laced creamer, and will just have the regular stuff in order to cut spending!   Well.... that's what this seems like:  House members will no longer be able to fly free on military aircraft, and must fly commercial instead.   Look for the first class section to become packed with drunken arrogant looters..... sigh.

Yes, I have a NOOK E-reader and enjoy it quite a lot.  On the other hand, most of my books and reading are still done with dead tree in hand.  Here's one reason why....  no one gets to take a regular hit at burning my hard copy library down through their programming incompetance. 

Peter has some interesting and cogent thoughts on the police Us/Them mindset.  How it comes to be and why it seems to only be getting worse.   Remember... it's not all police.... but it happens enough that the general public seems to regard it as the reality, and that makes it so.

Finally, in a totally un-news bit of info, Amazon is having a decent deal on Plano field boxes and other Plano gear.  I've already jumped on it, as have quite a number of Carteach0 readers apparently.  In the traditional Congressional way, WE TOO can save money by spending money!

Sipsey Street Irregulars has some comments on the slowly dieing NYT.   How does that saying go.... oh yea.... "Those who ignore history are doomed  to repeat it".  Remember... our parents and grandparents fought a war with other peoples parents and grandparents over world domination and genocide.  Do you really think that we as humans have changed our natures one tiny bit?

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