Saturday, February 23, 2013

Taxing the poor......

The political cabal in 'power' these days speaks much of taxing the rich.  It's their core mantra, and barbed hook with which to haul in the gullible.

Yet, their policies and actions are those of spend... spend.... spend...... and print money to pay for it.  Our currency in circulation is the highest it's ever been..... by trillions of dollars.

The inevitable result is the taxation of inflation.... yet another tax we as citizens bear.  Unlike income tax, or capital gains tax, or social security tax, or medicare tax, or any of the other myriad taxes all productive citizens pay, inflation is an insidious tax we pay with every purchase.  Inflation makes our money worth less, and reduces our ability to support ourselves and our families.

Inflation is a tax..... and it's a tax aimed straight at the hearts of the poor.... and it's a tax lovingly embraced by those in power today.

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Old NFO said...

Inflation, obamacare tax, rise in medication costs, rise in gas taxes, it's ALL hitting irch poor and everything in between!