Sunday, February 10, 2013

The great divide....

What we see happening in Southern California right now, as thousands of police officers drop everything they were working on, and concentrate on killing one (possibly) crazy cop gone rogue.

It makes something clear.   Hundreds of people are killed every year in LA, and the police take it in stride and call it 'normal business'.   A threat to police officers shows up, and all hell breaks loose.   It makes clear the great divide.  The divide between them and us, where their loyalties lay, and exactly what they think of us.

As the LA police shoot up women delivering newspapers and ram random trucks off the highway, it makes very clear indeed where the lives of innocent citizens rank in their internal flowchart of importance.

I don't feel right painting with such a broad brush, as I know more than a few police officers, and doubt they would behave like the fascist troops LA has managed to band together.  That said.... I have to wonder how many people in Southern California would say that same thing.... "I never thought he was like the others".

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