Monday, February 25, 2013

'True Believers' = Scary

I recall, some years back, having a conversation with someone regarding politics.  We were discussing the President at that time... and who that was does not matter right now.  What does matter is that persons reaction to the discussion.

They literally would not admit their man had ever done anything wrong in his entire life.  Nothing.  He hadn't even farted in church once.

I asked "If this man was filmed stalking out of the white house, witnessed raping a child and then murdering the parents, would you admit THEN that he'd done something wrong?"

No answer.  The person was a true believer, and in her world that president was the closest thing to God there was.  She simply could not conceive her idol ever doing anything wrong, so she refused to even consider thinking about his actions.  

It was scary as hell....  not speaking to her..... but knowing there are many, many people just like her out there.

They are the people that will hold the doors on the cattle cars open, and smile as they do it.


Bob said...

I have a leftist friend like that. When I pointed out that Brian Williams at NBC Nightly News had ignored the Fast & Furious scandal for 18 months and that it was an obvious case of media bias, he refused to acknowledge it. The farthest he was willing to go was to say that Williams "neglected" the story.

For 18 months. Ooookay.

JohnMXL said...

They're easy to spot.

They still have 0bama-Biden bumper stickers on their cars.

Old NFO said...

Benign neglect... That is as close as the true believer will ever come to admitting their guy is wrong...