Friday, March 8, 2013

Damn it

Yesterday evening, the furnace gave out with a significant burp... and shut down.  

Folks, I have fixed enough 'lean fuel issues' in my life to know that sound, and I went straight to the tank.  The gauge read "You Fargin Idiot... Now you gonna freeze!"

Okay, It's not that bad.  The wood stove keeps the house toasty, but we will be without hot water till I fix this.  Of course that means ordering oil (Like I should have done weeks ago).

It will be here in five days.  250 gallons..... $850 dollars.  Holy %$#@...... I mean..... ouch, that smarts.  My unemployed butt will have to be doing some scampering to fill that hole with cash.

Till the fuel truck arrives, I'll schlep a few 5 gallon jugs of K1 to the house and bleed the system out.

Going to be an expensive week coming up, I can see that.


Peter said...

That sucks, particularly since you must still be snow-covered up there. Glad you've got wood to burn.

Carteach said...

No snow, and the cold is moderate. Honestly, the wood stove keeps us toasty all Winter anyway. Still, we managed to burn off a 275 gallon tank full of oil in 5 months. I know others have it worse than us.

Serious chunk of change I should have been expecting. Failure on my part.

Dumped in 5 gallons of K1 already, and fired the furnace back up. Hot water aplenty now, even if it comes with tincture of freaking GOLD in it.

Bryn said...

Just a precautionary thought....
Here in the UK, especially in rural areas such as ours, fuel oil tanks are being emptied by thieves within days or hours of re-filling.
Possibly an inside job, or more likely the tanker is being followed as it makes its rounds - then the thieves wait for the householders to go shopping/to work/etc.
They are well organised & equipped, and were able to take 500Imp.Gallons from a friends house last December. That's two and a quarter tons or thereabouts?
Cameras & security lights would appear to be desirable...

Carteach said...

Bryn, where I live most all homeowners are armed. Such things happen, but very very rarely. I have never heard of it in my part of the world.