Monday, March 11, 2013

Monday morning ruminations....

Watching a major political party implode.....   I'm of the opinion the more anarchy we see amongst the self serving politicians who are working hard to destroy our nation, the better.

Interesting social dynamics at play. As the racial mix changes in the US (As it ever does), voting patterns change with it.... and not always the way some would think. Racism bears an ugly face, and many voters are no longer willing to look the other way when their chosen political party wears that face. All that opposition to the voting rights act of 1964 may be coming home to roost... "But a substantial amount of social-science evidence suggests a different conclusion: As the United States becomes more racially and ethnically diverse, liberal whites might start leaning Republican."

Offered as example of the shifting within society.... just one anecdote, but very significant considering the media source that presented it.

Borepatch presents some cogent and provocative thoughts on the death of the middle class.  Well worth considering.... 

French politicians suffer a stunning revelation, apparently coming to understand that stealing away the fruits of their citizens labor somehow is counterproductive to a functioning society.... within certain limits, of course.   As a result, they are lessening the tax burden on their nations business by 0.00000006%...... mind the wild partying in the streets now.

Folks...... This here Fat Old Man needs something to wash the taste of politics and decay from his mouth.   This calls for a trip to the range, and some quality time with an elderly bolt action boomer!   Ya'll play nice, ya hear?

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Old NFO said...

I'm now an Independent... sigh