Thursday, March 28, 2013

Please remember something, as you cheer for a very slight lessening of governments death grip on your human rights......

Those legislators you crow about now, with a big grin on your face as you explain all about their support of your favorite issue of the day....

Those are the same legislators, from the same parties, who designed the problem in the first place. The 'Law makers' today who move
to 'allow' gay marriage are the same people who made it illegal yesterday. Thanking them profusely today for lightening ever so slightly the burden they placed on us yesterday is no different than being pleased the school yard bully only beat you up once today, and not twice like he did yesterday.

When it comes to marriage, government has no place at the table.... that they didn't steal by brute force. DON'T thank them for 'finally doing something right' when the entire problem is one they created themselves.

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