Monday, April 8, 2013

Bought a new bed.... and wondrous is the new technology!

Our home is old.  Real old.  1700-1800's old.  It was built in a time when people did with less, and that includes their beds.... and their stairways.

To be blunt, the stairs to our second floor would allow only a full size mattress and box spring, and even then it had to be tilted to align with the cockeyed doorway.

One full size bed does not sleep two ... ahem.... 'large sized' people well.  To fix that, I found a way to put the beds together, building an aircraft carrier sized bed space that swamped the largest bedroom in the house.  It had issues, but mostly worked.

Well, time came to get a new bed, and a little searching for a way to solve the 'ancient stairway' limitation brought some new technology to light.  In this case, a Memory foam mattress was ordered from Amazon, along with a metal bedframe/platform.  

The long suffering UPS man delivered both, and despite the weight of the mattress (100 pounds or so) I got both upstairs and installed in the new bedroom.

Friends.... I did this a week ago, and after spending some nights on this thing, I have to report how downright PLEASED I am.   The metal frame/platform went together in minutes.  Un-boxing the vacuum packed mattress and letting it expand overnight to full shape and size, we suddenly have ourselves a king size bed in a home that otherwise would never see one.

The mattress has a 20 year warrantee, and more importantly some excellent reviews on Amazon.  Our experience sleeping on it this past week has been an eye opener.  It's firm, very firm, but outstandingly comfortable.  I am very impressed indeed, and can't recommend it enough.

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