Tuesday, April 2, 2013

"You see boy, getting it ready is half the battle there.  You have to scrape off any big dings, and sand it down to get 'er nice and smooth.  You might think you are done then, but hell no.  After that you have to wipe it down to get the dust off, and leave it good and dry.  Alcohol will do that, and even then, you have to let it dry real good.  Yup, prep is half the battle."

"Boy, you have to pick the right paint.  That's half the battle. Not just any old thing will do.  Some paint is good for outside, some for in, and some you better damn well use a primer under it. There's latex and enamel and acrylic, and they all do things different.  Never try to cheap out on the paint, boy.   Cheap paint will break your heart.  Buy good paint, and the right damn kind too.  If you don't know what you need then damn well ask someone who does. If they tell you to buy the cheap stuff, ask someone else.  Getting the right paint is half the battle, let me tell you!"

"Look boy, you need a good brush if you want a good job.  The finer the work, the better the brush better be.  Some brushes are just fine for doing the porch floor, and some will do a wall.  Once you get serious and start doing trim, you better have a damn fine brush. Not some cheap poly bristle crap, and fer GOD's sake not some foam squeegee thing.  Get a good quality fine bristle brush, real hair if you can get it.  See boy, a good brush is half the battle.  Don't matter how good your paint is or 'nuthin else... if your brush is crap, your paint job will be crap.  Good brush boy... that's half the battle."

"Um... dad.... that's three halves......"

"You talking back boy?  Or are you listening to what I'm telling you, Boy?"

"Listening dad... listening".


og said...

Yeah, cutting-in is an art, and you have to have a good eye and a steady hand. Parkinson's sufferers need not apply, and back off on the morning joe too.

Old NFO said...

OH yeah... BTDT, and I hired an older gent and his son to paint my place. The old man was cutting in trim with a 4 inch brush and NEVER hit the floor or the wall. Talent and YEARS of practice, and damn good brushes!