Saturday, May 4, 2013

Gardening frugality that works

I know this is not a new idea.... it can't be.  It's just too simple, easy, and sensible.  Still, It's new to me.

Taking empty wine bottles, of which we have..... some, I notched the corks as shown.  Filling the bottles with water, I plopped the cork back in, and then shoved them into the ground next to young plants thusly:

There is nothing wrong with using spirits or beer bottles as well, again something that we seem to have in fair number around here.  The cork doesn't need to be used, and the full bottle can be simply pushed into the soil as is.  It's also a decent way to deliver a mild fertilizer mix directly to the root area of the plant, as seen here:

And NO.... I am not above using a beer bottle to serve a young rose bush.

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