Wednesday, May 15, 2013

One of the things having a long running blog allows one to do is look back.  

Some years ago today, I wrote this:

I woke up this morning feeling the weight of time. A vivid dream made it clear... the good years ahead are far fewer than the years behind. That is a heavy thought to carry around.

It helps that life is good. Choices made these last few years make it possible to go through a day without being angry as a lifestyle. Each day, laughter that dispels the darkness and pushes away sadness.

Yes.... there are regrets.... and I would wish to not have cause for them. Too late... they are there and must be borne. There are a few people I owe apologies to, even if it's simply for choosing to live... and they'll never understand that. There is another I will always feel joined to, even if pride and pain means never touching fingertips again. There are those who have passed on...

Time to pour another mug of coffee, and move my thoughts to the day ahead. There is a world within a world, and my part to play in it. Regrets and heavy thoughts must wait till time permits. Today, there is work to be done.

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Old NFO said...

Today, tomorrow and everyday...