Sunday, June 2, 2013

Breaking this dish down....

The star of the show, a Seafood Bread Bowl.    It contains grilled shrimp, grilled tilapia, and sauteed scallops.  Its all simmered in a spiced Mornay sauce featured four cheeses, fresh ground pepper and nutmeg, chopped garlic, dried onion flakes, fresh parsley, Old Bay seasoning, and ground sea salt.

This mouth watering slice of heaven is ladled into a 'bread bowl' made from a fresh kaiser roll, and then dolloped with shredded cheeses and more fresh ground pepper.  Baked in an oven till crispy and golden brown with crusted cheese.

The yams..... Oh My God the yams.......

They are peeled, sliced, buttered, and then layered in a pan with brown sugar, lots of fresh ground nutmeg, a dash of salt, a whiff of Cinnamon, and a large splash of bourbon.  Baked at 375 covered for an hour, and then another 15 minutes uncovered to brown.  Served on a bed of Romaine lettuce picked seconds before plating.

Yeh..... it was good.

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Rey Brandt said...

Thee Gud Wyfe makes her own bread bowls. The filling sounds excellent. A friend who is a chef at a local restaurant shared a very similar recipe for the yams. You are correct they are wonderful.