Sunday, June 9, 2013

Sunday morn blog wander...... Linky Linky

Hmm... Must be Amish church at one of the neighbors.  Lots of horses with buggy behinds, dontcha know.  Cloppy cloppy cloppy.

In any case, a few links from this mornings wanderings....

Some thoughts on tactical shooting from Mountain Guerrilla.......Just found his place through another on my blog roll, and I'll spend a little time there I think.

Max Velocity has some strident things to say about our 'tactical training' market, and I'm finding it hard to disagree with much of what he says.

Both of the above came from links at TSLR's blog.... where he cogitates on the matters at hand.  Now...... I'm developing a desire to get some decent training myself.   Pointless, in my case, I know..... but hey! 

Peter is a daily stop for me, always for value.  Today, a few thoughts on home schooling.  I recall a survey of local school boards in my area, and being surprised that almost 50% of the school board members chose to home school.  I wonder why I was surprised?

Me's has a piece up as well, on fitting and finishing a Boyds stock to a Mauser rifle.

Victory Girls has some ideas for throwing chaff into the whole NSA bruhahah.....  BTW, I just discovered VG this morning, and it may turn into a time sink for a while.

Mark Steyn has some thoughts on the IRS corruption, and how deep rooted it really is....  "When Nixon tried to sic the IRS on a few powerful political enemies, the IRS told him to take a hike. When Obama’s courtiers tried to sic the IRS on thousands of ordinary American citizens, the agency went along, and very enthusiastically."    The thing is, to me this is preaching to the choir.  My own opinion of government is permanently jaded, with a deep seating and well supported belief in it's rot and corruption.

Well.... I'm on my lonesome for the day, and plan to invest the time into the book. I'd be thrilled to see another 5K words by days end, but anything over 1K will be acceptable.    Ya'll play nice, and be good to each other, ya hear?

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