Tuesday, June 25, 2013

That's like.... FOREVER... in blog years.

Looking back, I find that I have been blogging for six years, as of next week.

Six years; How much of life can change in six years.

Some few... some very few of you... know what those six years have brought to me, and taken away.  Some few... some very few... have been my friends then and now.

Thank you.



Rev. Paul said...

I haven't been around for the whole time, but for much of it ... and I'm glad you're "out there".

Carteach said...

Thank you Paul, and I can say the same of you!

Mark said...

Thank you for your blogs, Art! Love to read your stuff.
Still meaning to send you something for your neighbors that had the fire, between our weather in OKC and car problems (computer modules, multiple) it's still on the to do list.

og said...

Congrats, Boss. Hope there are at least another couple dozen left in you.

hey, did you ever have any luck with those beat up old kenwoods?

You should look at Seed Savers Exchange. heirloom non hybrid seeds
Save a few from last year to plant next year.

Carteach said...



The radios..... One worked, one did not. I got that far, and now they languish on a shelf, mocking me from my list of To-Do's.

As for seeds, about half of what I am growing this year comes from Heirloom seeds. I'll be saving and swapping.... :-)

Yabusame said...

I know I ain't a personal friend of yours but I have been a regular reader for a few years and I do dream of visiting the US and shooting with you some day...

Thanks for posting for six years and I look forward to reading your musings into the future.

Carteach said...

Yabusame, Thank you!