Friday, June 7, 2013

The real issue......

I recall a time when friends and I would trade messages formatted in multiple layers of encryption.  There was no data in the messages, they were just 100 page packages of random text.

You see, we assumed e-mail was being captured and monitored, and we wished to give big brother something entertaining to break up the boredom.

We ASSUMED our email was being intercepted and stored.  Why not?  Doing so would be dead easy and not even expensive, in terms of typical surveillance. Hell, you couldn't buy a single days box lunch for all the East German STASI agents for what a years national e-mail surveillance would cost.  Thinking our intelligence services were NOT doing so would be to accuse them of gross incompetence.

So, now it's being revealed in shockingly large type on front pages nationwide..... Yes, they are capturing phone records and pretty much everything we do on the internet, while the President is doing his best comic version of Captain Renault.

So what?   Who would be foolish enough to think they weren't doing this, and haven't been doing it for years?

The REAL issue is it's being done under the umbrella of a government which has recently proven it's utter power hungry self serving greed.  Gone are statesman, patriots, and people of good faith.  The Constitution is being used as a door mat at the white house, and all bets are off regarding using the full weight and power of the federal government against individual citizens and political groups.

That's the problem.   Our data has always been out there, and always been captured.... but now it's in the hands of those who would gladly laugh while persecuting citizens in a bid for more power.

That's the real problem.