Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Momentary points in me time:

  • Job hunting now.  No longer career hunting.  Vast difference.  I have an interview upcoming.  Should be interesting.  Not an easy outfit to work for, I hear. Performance is demanded, and rewarded, I hear.  Bit of a Dr. Akston perhaps.  We shall see.
  • Lately I have been wrestling down the internal 'Lets talk about history, shall we?' beast.  Here's hoping I keep that bastard penned in his lair.
  • Recently spent a few days away at an incredibly nice, and well run, bed and breakfast.  A night on the town (and a morning it seems), some fine meals, hours lounging with a book or three.  Soul replenishment.  The huge spa tub (with company) was a major help in that regard.  Thinking I need a hot tub.
  • Google reader has been vanished, and I am left wondering why.  Did it actually cost Google anything to administer it?  Was it getting in the way of something more valuable to them?    Ah well..... deal we shall.  I have retreated to my Blog Roll, and am relearning why it's there in the first place.  Yesterday I made some removals... people I don't read anymore for various reasons.  Soon, I'll be making additions as well. 
  • My book has stalled, while other things swarm past it on the to-do list. 20K words in, and the hard parts coming up.  On the one hand, I likes me some hand loading, and writing about it is not onerous.  On the other hand.... time is edible, and apparently quite tasty the way it's getting gobbled up around here.  
  • The new fire pit mit cooking device I've constructed on the patio.  It's needing some working in, with a steak sizzling and whiskey splashing to christen it.   Be nice to do, and may be possible...  IF IT WASN'T RAINING EVERY SINGLE ^%$#@$! DAY.  I'm going to a buy a few racks of ribs today, and stand outside looking imploringly at the sky.  At this point, I'll try it.... 
  • Mr. Scale says about ten units of poundage have fled my body in the last few weeks. Oh MY Gawd!  Are you are one some kind of diet?!?  Yup, sure am.  It's actually two diets combined.  The first one is the 'Don't &%$#@!% eat till you are hungry diet', and the second one is the 'Man, that looks like crap... don't eat it' diet.

Today:   Procurement for an upcoming party, mixoligist activities involving adult beverages, some preliminary chainsaw work on the blood great big tree that smashed our shed, and a gander at a social schedule that seems rather busy for a grumpy old bastich such as moi.

Ya'll have a good one.  Stay strong in the face of evil, and such.

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