Thursday, August 22, 2013

It's my second week of working for a living again.  The place is getting busy, and I got tagged to work the weekend.  That will make twelve days in a row of work.  Others on my shift are doing 12 hour days now as well.  At least I am spared that for the moment.

Physically, I'm reminded daily that I'm not young anymore.  The work itself is not altogether challenging, but that is made up for with the internal battle I have to fight. That battle is against myself, as many of the best are.

Today I spent my hours feeding documents to a beastly contraption.... a LOT of documents.... pallet loads..... that never ended.  Tomorrow I'll learn to deal with what comes out the other end of the beast.  Thousands of pieces that must be directed to specific places across the entire country, without error.

I can see the direction the last few weeks have taken, with me being directed to experience something new every day.  I suspect I'm being trained to deal with every job that must be done, eventually.

I can do that.

Meanwhile I am up at 5:30 every morning, and coming home exhausted and drained. This may explain my lack of blogging, as well as anything else one might consider a 'life'. I hope that gets better with time.


Old NFO said...

Or you're being groomed for something else???

JohnMXL said...

I can come home exhausted from a full night in the shop and still feel better than coming home from 8 hours of 'easy' work like training or administrative duty.

Hard work makes me tired...'make work' kills my soul.

I sense a similar pattern in you.

Congrats on returning to the workforce. HRH BHO appreciates the addition to the tax generation corps, er, workforce.