Monday, October 28, 2013

Gorgeous day.... and a good day for some small life changes.

This morning I accepted an offer from a small family owned automotive service business.  I'm going back to my roots, to an industry I spent most of my life in. 

This means I have to serve notice at my current employer, and this didn't seem a chore to me.  They pay well.....and that's where it ends.  I doubt they care if one of their most minor cogs slips from the shaft and makes a bolt for freedom.  

Giving notice was made easier this morning, as a current co-worker rang me up around 11:15.  He called to let me know they had changed my schedule on Friday without telling me, and I was now scheduled 11 to 11 every day this week (I was second shift... 3 to 11)...... and I was late for work.

I suspect he was perplexed by my laughter.

In any case, I called the shift supervisor, verified the schedule change, told him I'd be in at the start time as originally scheduled, and would be giving notice at that time.  It was to be two weeks, but now..... one week.  I do not relish leaving them the opportunity to work me 12 hours a day for 12 days straight.

Flip that coin, and there is the new job.  The shop is a local family owned franchisee of Midas.  Same family for about 60 years now, and people I have known professionally for almost 20 years.   The job..... sort of a mish-mash of service writer, assistant manager, diagnostician, head chef, and primary floor care technician.    In other words, every day a challenge and my efforts are targeted at the smooth running of the business, along with improvement of their reputation over the long term.  Oh.... and profitability, of course.

Excited, I am.  Going from soul sucking factory work back to every day an adventure.

Oh yea.... I'm ready to become alive again.


Rev. Paul said...

It sounds like a major upgrade - congrats!

Jean said...

Sounds like a much better fit for you. You will shine.

Bob said...

Good luck with it. Have missed your posts.

Shane W said...

Congrats on the new job! I hope "become alive again" means blogging again.

Old NFO said...


Roy said...

I guess it depends on the circumstances, but after that screwing, I'm not sure I would have given them any notice at all except "Take this job and...".

You should never burn your bridges, but every now and then it becomes necessary to blow one up.

Phil Kraemer said...

Glad you are able to escape the factory.

Bryn said...

Excellent news! Sounds like a match to me - hope to read confirmation of that soon.

TenMile said...

Good on you. Be looking for more posts in the future.