Thursday, November 14, 2013


I'm settling in to the job fairly well so far.  No indications at this point that I'm to be summarily canned, so big grins all round.

Having gone back in time in a way, I'm reliving and relearning a lot of my past.  Writing service at a small auto shop is a job with a hazy description.   What do I do?   Most things, I guess.  

One nice.... nice.... NICE feature:  A stable schedule.  Day work, regular days offs, no Sundays. Normal working hours.  It's almost a vacation in itself to feel myself fitting into a sleep schedule.  It's like recovering life that had faded away unnoticed.

Also nice..... VERY NICE..... is working for people who seem glad to see me, and happy I am there.

Now, in other news, a post up on the food blog. Also, Amazon STILL has Streamlight on sale.  The idea that I just bought a 600 lumen weapon light for $128 almost balances out paying $200 for the exact same thing earlier this year.  I'm seriously considering putting two of them on an AR platform, and calling them the 'Headlights of doom'.

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Old NFO said...

That's great news Art!