Friday, December 6, 2013

A Dickies work shirt says something about a person.

Add in a pair of Dickies work pants, and what it says becomes very clear indeed.

What it says about a man is this:  This Man Can Deal With Shit.  He Can Make Things Work.

Toss in a clipboard, and MOUNTAINS will move out of his way.


Old NFO said...

Heh... And it also means he can actually wear a belt and keep his pants up! :-)

Keads said...

I wear Carhartt. Please don't judge!

og said...

I wear jeans, because I go through the knees of Dickies in about a day. Even the jeans only last a specific time. But yeah- you can always tell the ones who get shit done.

Carteach said...

Og, I stopped for breakfast this AM at a local family place, around 6:15.

Eating my eggss at the counter, I looked around at the fellows on the stools around me.

I figured there were two types of people there at 6:15, before the sun was up. Men who had a days work ahead, and believed in starting early..... and men who had been doing exactly that all their lives, and now didn't know how to do different since they had gotten old.

Not sure where I fit in those camps. A foot in each I guess.

og said...

The men (And women) who get shit done.

Sure, the world needs bankers and car salesmen, but someone has to build the bank, and someone has to build the car.

There is no shame in work of any kind.