Thursday, December 26, 2013

Free speech? Shut the quack up.

I'll say it again.... every party in this mess knew what they were doing, or should have. Robertson understood that speaking his mind would cause a nasty ruckus in today's world of limited free speech and perennially butthurt twatwaddles. The network knew their response was going to carry a huge financial penalty. The group that tried to mute Robertson, well, they should have known self immolation was a possible outcome to their actions.
"Steyn is therefore correct to say that Steorts “does not grasp the stakes” in the Duck Dynasty dispute. The stakes consist of preserving a liberal society, in the classical sense. For, as Steyn grasps, “a society where lives are ruined over an aside because some identity-group don decides it must be so is ugly and profoundly illiberal.”

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Old NFO said...

I'm just ignoring all the idjits... 'I' have a life...