Monday, December 2, 2013

Interesting idea for a kniff:
Kershaw 8100GRYST Funxion EMT Serrated Knife with SpeedSafe
Thoughts?  I know... Chinese.... but is the concept worthwhile?   I'm thinking 'visor' knife, as I usually keep one clipped there.


freddyboomboom said...

Well, I wasn't originally going to go to their factory sale this weekend. I've been there every year for the past several, and just don't have anyone I need to get a knife for, any more. :)

Do you really need a carbide tip like that to punch out the window? Or would any reasonably pointed steel object work as well?

Also, I already carry a knife (Zero Tolerance/Kershaw 0350) clipped to the inside of my pants pocket every day, and should be able to reach that more easily after a disorienting crash than the visor. Especially considering the visor, or the knife clipped to the visor, may be in a different location than originally planned.

I think the answer to my questions would be the contributing factor, for me.

Old NFO said...

That could work... :-)

Carteach said...


My experience with shattering vehicle glass (on purpose) tells me the carbide point works significantly better than a plain steel point, such as a knife blade point.

That aside, while I carry a knife in my pocket (kershaw Blur), I am a fan of having extras stashed in useful places.