Tuesday, December 3, 2013

New job update....

I keep reminding myself, I'm a service WRITER, not the service MANAGER.  That means I am supposed to step aside and let the real headaches flow downhill.  I'm quickly getting used to that idea, and I think the manager knows exactly why I smile sometimes.

As for the work itself.... it's 25% knowing vehicles and 75% knowing people.  I'm having a ball :-)

Our shop is busy.  Quite busy.  I've been quietly running numbers, and see the past few weeks being on par with where the business was a few years back, before it declined a ways.  I'm looking forward to having a longer term view of that trend, and seeing if my efforts are part of the reason why.

Speaking of such things.... it's time to go make the donuts!  Ya'll have a good one, ya hear?

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Old NFO said...

Nice to hear things are working out!