Wednesday, December 18, 2013

On the left, Ezra Brooks, my beloved everyday Bourbon.

In the center, a bottle of 125 proof Bookers, because I have wanted to try it for some time.

To the right..... an indulgence in memories.  See, Ballantines was the Scotch my parents drank.  Seeing it on the shelf with the other whiskeys, I was transported back to my youth.  Family parties, entertaining friends, and my own role in those parties.   I began bartending for the folks before I was ten years old, filling beer mugs and mixing simple drinks.  The adults thought it was a hoot, and I took the duties seriously.  That bar book stayed in my library for years, even decades, till it finally succumbed to age.

So I'll try that Ballantines myself now, and perhaps raise a glass to Mom and Dad.


Old NFO said...

Good for you and enjoy it!

JustJohn said...

Bookers has made me a Bourbon snob. Even though it it somewhat spendy it is now my go to bourbon, ENJOY.