Thursday, January 30, 2014

Blog = Web Blog = Journal = Me Crap

Sometimes it's good for me to look back a year or two here, and recall what was going on in life.   A year from now will be one of those times.

Sunday, Princess thought it would be wise to come home and unload a bucket of crap on my head.  We had a friend over the night before, and it seems she wasn't the center of attention 100% of the time.  In Princess's world, this is an 'issue'.  No mention was made of my shoveling the drive and walk, cleaning off her car, warming it up and pulling it to the front of the drive for her, doing the dishes, lugging in a few loads of firewood, etc etc etc. 

This shit just isn't cute anymore.   I invited her to consider living someplace else. It was a very quiet Sunday evening, and I haven't seen her since... and it's now Thursday.

In the meantime I have slept like a rock every night, got the house cleaned up (and enjoyed that it's staying clean), lost about a pound, been eating well, and am pretty much enjoying life a lot better. This is telling me something, I think.  Living alone may be what I need to do for a while.

In other news.... holy fuck is it cold.  I brought in tools to do some plumbing work, and had to let them rest in the warm before I could get busy.  They were sticking to my hands!  Likewise, the AR I left in the trunk overnight made it clear that operating in such temps calls for a better lube than I'm using. It worked, but felt like grit in the function test and nothing on it wanted  to move well.

In more other doings, The chimney sweep managed to find about 4 gallons of creosote in the chimney my own cleaning efforts never touched.  The wood stove now runs smoke free, and I can have a fire with the doors open for the first time in months.  That man is worth every penny he charges....

And finally, besides all that, I got myself one of these Fitbit One gadgets a couple weeks ago, and am fully into the swing of paying attention to my physical activity, as well as monitoring the incoming Vs. outgoing caloric content of my day.  It's gotten me conscious of what exactly I am eating, how much water I am drinking, and how active I am during the day.  This is a good thing.

End log entry.