Sunday, January 26, 2014

Not Antisocial, just non-social

Lately, the relative merits of living alone have been rising to my attention.  The real question is... do they balance against the alternative?

I can probably afford to live alone, even in this beautiful home. The 50/50 cost split that used to exist has been drifting the last few months.   After years of stability, the ledger has gone pretty far in a direction unfavorable to yours truly.  Several good quality AR's worth of unbalance.  Taking that into consideration, it would not be a stretch for me to take up the rest of the slack.  Really, once the plus's and negatives are added up, it would only be a few hundred bucks more a month tacked on my expenses.  I could make that up just in reduced electric, liquor and sushi costs.

There may also be something to say for not having to clean up the same messes.... over and over again.  I don't have children living at home, yet I still go around turning off lights, closing cabinets, and wiping food off the counters and floor. I do dishes, lug in firewood and lug out trash.  I take care of the wood stove, mop floors, clean the sinks and toilet..... just about everything but laundry.

I can learn to do laundry.

I can learn to do laundry.


Anonymous said...

After years of being bitched at for my laundry skills (among other things), I took steps to reduce the noise level. It was expensive, but very much worth it.

I now use the washing machine as a laundry hamper in quiet solace; everything in, save brand new colors (those I do separately a couple times to avoid tinting everything), set temp on "warm," set cycle on "normal," dump in detergent (I found a recipe for homemade at Uncle's that works great - 18 lbs of detergent for $18 - punch "start," walk away. It beeps when it's done. Easy-peasy.

I also found that laundry isn't the only thing that got easier.

Carteach said...

Someone once told me "I've got being alone down to an art form".

I wonder if I will be good at it?

og said...

There's a local place that does laundry by the pound. I have enough underwear and socks to last me three weeks, and shirts and pants for two. The whole shit and caboodle, when washed on a weekly basis, used to cost me $12. You never know until you ask, you might just find it cheaper than maintaining a washer and dryer.

I think most people would like for me to live alone.

Old NFO said...

I do everything except windows... sigh

Galt-in-Da-Box said...

You will find life SOOOO much better alone.
I cut loose the femin$tazi deadweight over a decade past & have soared to new heights!