Thursday, January 2, 2014

Single point sling suggestions?


Glen Filthie said...

No, sorry...but a question, Carteach...why?

I am new at this black rifle stuff and that is why I am asking. I have seen the two - point slings that are lightning fast - when you are done shooting, you zip out the sling and throw the gun over your shoulder. It looks easy but I think if I tried it I would probably hurt myself if I tried it...

Carteach said...

I guess it all depends what one might use a sling for.

The two main uses are shooting from position and carrying the rifle. In this case, I wish a sling that helps me carry the rifle hands off, but also keeps it handy for use.

Like holsters, I'll probably end up with a bunch but use only one or two.

freddyboomboom said...

Sorry, I don't have any suggestions other than t make one yourself.

I did so a few years ago, then I got rid of my AR and the webbing was recently repurposed.

A couple of quick links:

Sya Uncle made one.

Some dude (not Sumdood) has a couple of documents concerning slings he's apparently culled from Arfcom.

I recall the webbing and buckles and whatnot were found at Ace Hardware for not much cash for the one I made. Not terribly challenging to setup, either.