Sunday, January 5, 2014

So..... this group of Wiley-e-coyote Australians hire a Russian ship to take them to the Antarctic so they can do sum globull warmening 'sperimenting.... and their ship gets stuck in ice their theory swears shouldn't be there. Then a Chinese ship goes to their rescue, helicoptering these geniuses off the frozen Russian ship and drops them on an Australian ship for an embarrassing schlep back home.
Now the Chinese ship is stuck in the (shouldn't even be there) ice too.... and an American Coastguard icebreaker is being re-tasked to fix the mess. An ice breaker that burns enough fuel in an *hour* to run a semi clean across the state.

The amount of fuel burned on this asinine Eco-politcal stunt gives it a carbon footprint that rivals all the private jets flying into New York for the Global warming summit this year.

Let me know when these idiots begin *behaving* like they believe what they preach.

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og said...

You left out the part that they're stuck in the ice in SUMMER.