Friday, February 21, 2014

Comcast... I should have known better.

Years ago, I read of a court case involving AOL and their policies.  The plaintiff stated that AOL made discontinuing the service as hard as possible to complete, up to the point of having that particular phone number unmanned.  I read that the judge, fed up with AOL's attorney, had a phone brought to the bench, where he told the court he would dial that number, and if AOL did not answer with a human in five minutes, he would find for the plaintiff.  

He found for the plaintiff.

I am reminded of that today as I discontinue our Comcast service, and find their web site for equipment return is a convoluted and inoperable nightmare of recursive loops and dead ends.

Guess I will have to lug their junk into their service center, and dump it there.

Funny... talking with a neighbor about dropping Comcast, and we compared bills.  They get the same service as we did, but for almost exactly half as much.  Also funny was the Comcast reps Ralph Kramden imitation when I asked why that was.  Homina Homina Homina......

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