Sunday, February 23, 2014

Funshow AAR

Fun show..... and the only thing I bought was a toy for me grandboy.   Pretty sure that's a duty of a granddad.

Anyway.... big show, decently attended, with all the usual suspects.  Enough black plastic to arm a small country, which is about normal around here.  LOTS of AR15/M16 accessory dealers, which is cool since #2 son just got his first and is hungry to learn. He bought a handful of magazines, an armorers wrench, and a sling. I saw a few tables full of uppers at competitive prices, and a table full of plastic lowers that looked like products of Matel or maybe Chrysler motors.  Yucky things.  Also a guy selling 80% complete lowers and oil filter 'adapters'. I looked him in the eye and didn't like what looked back.

Ammo:  Sparse.  All there, but prices still higher than I'd like.  No rimfire still.

All in all, seemed more like a pre-crazy times show than I have seen in several years.  The only thing that might have really got me going were some old S&W pistols.... but those seemed lacking.

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Old NFO said...

Now if the ammo would just show back up... sigh