Saturday, February 22, 2014

Gonna be a good day Tater.....

* The weather guessers have gutted their daily fowl, and are prognosticating 50 degrees, sunny, and a breeze.   That means snow melting, windows down on the Jeep, and trigger time in the back yard.  It also means moving the firewood that's emerging from the snowy pile in the driveway like a mastodon appearing in eroding pack ice (Chainsawing the downed trees and branches will wait till the footing is less deadly).

* Job interview this morning with a reputable shop, for a job I would likely enjoy, and can certainly be good at.  Fingers crossed!    (Follow up:  Interview (1) at shop (B) went okay, but inconclusive... but immediately after that shop (A) called and scheduled interview (2), which sounds promising).

* After the interview, dropping off uniforms at the place I just left..... along with a smidgeon of mild nose thumbing (NO!  That's bad!  Don't be like that!). No worries.... I'll pitch it high enough he'll only feel the slightest of breezes as it passes over his pointy little.....  (Follow up:  I refrained from any form of nose thumbing or gloating or such mean stuff.  Wished them luck).

* GUN SHOW!   Fine weather for the drive, and there are a few things I would like to have.  A barrel for an AR, an A2 buttstock if the correct AR barrel can be found, some unobtanium (IMR-4895), a decent single point sling.  Not sure about trade material. I'll probably take an old Savage 6b .22 along.  It's interesting enough to get a few lookyloos.
(Follow up:   I put off the gun show til tomorrow.  Today is too nice, and cleanup chores at the house too much in need of doing).

* An afternoon spent choring, and then a Loooooooong soak in the hot tub with a beer (or three)! (Follow up:  Oh..... this part didn't happen yet.  It will!  Neverfear, it will!).


Everett said...

Hi, Just wonder what you use the IMR-4895 for reloading?

Just had the head of the RI State Police Swat stop by to bum a box of of CCI 200 for his BLACK powder rifle. Said he could not find any Large
rifle primers any where around here, CT, or MASS.

Carteach said...

I use IMR 4895 for one particular 30-06 load that I enjoy shooting.

None was available, but primers aplenty.