Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Lois Lerner recalled....

The House Committee On Stuff Good For Our Re-elections has recalled Lois Lerner to answer questions about the highly illegal partisan actions of the IRS, which she was in charge of.

Last time she appeared, she claimed fifth amendment protection against self incrimination, which she promptly tossed away by making a long winded and likely fraudulent statement.

Now, the Committee has recalled her, and specifically said that 5th crap won't fly after her shenanigans last time, and she gave that right up in making the asinine statement.

Whats next?
  • Will Lois Lerner be spirited out of the country suddenly?
  • Will the administration claim some weird sort of secret privilege regarding IRS crimes it has already sworn it knows nothing about?
  • Will Lois Lerner have an ...... accident?
No, I expect it to be none of the above.  More likely I think is the option of Lois Lerner coming up with an immunity deal, and then spilling her guts in the face of mounting evidence of criminal activity at the IRS under her watch.

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