Thursday, February 20, 2014

Vehicle load out, part I

The first part of vehicle gear to be stored in the Jeep is together.  It's all stored in an older piece of Blackhawk luggage I think is no longer made... which is a shame. One BIG center storage space with a heavy duty zipper AND a velcro flap to seal it, one big full length side pocket, and two smaller side pockets on the other side, all zippered.  Heavy carry straps meet at the top, and two long straps go end to end which allow the bag to be carried as a backpack easily.  The straps themselves come off to do multi-duty elsewhere as needed.

This is not the only gear package that will see duty in this vehicle, but it's the major one. I plan another that will be mostly tools and emergency gear, for breakdowns and road incidents.  Lord knows I've been on scene for enough of both.

Inside this one, distributed in ways that make sense to me, and individually packaged mostly, are:
  • Medical kit, MkII Mod 1
  • A complete change of clothes, with three shirts of varying purpose.  From dirty work to fancy white polo with a company insignia.
  • A warm vest, with lots and lots of pockets.  The brand, color, and design fit this area well. It will blend in just fine.
  • A large warm blanket, folded small and filling the big side pocket.  I've given several blankets away at accident scenes, not desiring them back after they get blood stained. This is that kind of blanket.
  • Several hats.  A warm stretchy and a common old ball cap.
  • Gloves, both warm jerseys and tough leather.
  • Toiletries, assorted.
  • Means of making fire, cutting things, and a Folding Saw to cut through things
  • Hearing and Eye protection
  • Spare ammo, in calibers suitable for what I most carry.
  • Cash, of an amount sufficient to take a nice room for the night, or a crappy room for two nights, or buy a couple replacement tires, or buy fuel to make it home from a long drive away.
  • A trash bag big enough to wrap the whole pack in, and also smaller zip lock bags (used to separate gear and keep it organized.
  • Spare ID.
  • Spare batteries of the style used in my normal flashlight and weapon sight.
  • A spare cellphone and vehicle charger.
  • Food bars and bottled water.
  • A roll of paper towels.
    I'm probably forgetting a few things I put in there, and have certainly not mentioned the other items stashed in glove box, console, etc.  Upcoming in the next few days will be a standard tool kit, road emergency gear, lantern, tow strap, cargo straps, hatchet, extinguisher, and other such goodies.
    The idea behind this bag is to take care of any number of emergencies or inconvenience while on the road.  The med kit needs no explanation.  The rest, handy stuff to have when away from home.  With this, I could total my vehicle, walk away, get a room for the night, get cleaned up and fed, and call for help. I could get stuck in a ditch and wait out the night, warm and comfy in a howling blizzard.  I could do first aid on myself or others, and provide comfort till professional help arrived.
    I could, if necessary, repack the bag as necessary and use it as a pack to hike out. On the other hand, I can repack and walk with it into a decent hotel without attracting a second glance.
    It's a possibles bag, for a vehicle.....


Old NFO said...

Nice, and it works...

Anonymous said...

What are you using for "large warm blanket" that you're willing to give up? I keep one good wool GI blanket and two cheapo synthetics in the truck; the cheapos I'll gladly give up, but not the GI.

Carteach said...

it's just an old faded cotton wool mix blanket. May have been a hospital blanket at one point, I'm not sure. I would love to have some military would like its, but haven't run into any at reasonable prices.

Rey Brandt said...

Don't know what your price point is but these may be heading my way soon.
Sportsman's Guide has 4 wool 60"x80" blankets for $35. I would include the link but avoiding the ban hammer.

Carteach said...

Thanks for the tip Rey! Links don't earn an automatic hammer, just close review :-)