Thursday, February 20, 2014

Web journaling. Nothing to see here. Move along.

  • I'm searching for a situation again.  I swear, I must learn to suffer fools and idiots better.  Also the mentally unstable.  Mother always said this would be an issue for me.  Sorry Ma, I need to prove you wrong on this one.
  • I've sold off some shootin irons, to stabilize the emergency fund and bunker a little cash. Strangely, it didn't cause the pain and consternation it used to.  Maybe I growed up?  The loss of a long range hunting rifle big enough for anything on the continent didn't hurt at all.  Letting my 1916 Spanish move to the home of a loving collector didn't even make me blink.   Whas up wit dat?
  • The acquisition of the long wished for ancient (1996!) Jeep Cherokee prompted the posting of the silver ghost (Hyundai) for sale  (How many vehicles do I need?).  Oddly now, rather than sell if for da money, I am prodded to retain it for the long distance / high mileage factor. Whatever new situation I land in may demand it.  The driveway is getting rather full..... sigh.... and much jockeying of vehicles is happening. Vehicle expenses are rising when they oughta be falling.  I seem to be doing something backwards here....
  • Going to the gun show this weekend! Mostly with an eye to selling a few things, but perhaps some new toys may be thus funded.   Honestly, I could probably do well just taking a single 8' table at a show for a day. Wish me luck on the finding of the good deals!
  • THE SNOW IS MELTING!   Thank You Sweet Jeebus!  A snow free week would allow me to clean up the downed trees and branches, and cleanup the all important fire pit and patio out back.  In fact, the smashed tree bits in the back yard alone will be enough for the first five or eight soul healing bon fires.  I can almost taste the simple joy of sipping Bourbon by the fire of an evening.
  • Speaking of situations..... fingers crossed.  A call came in from a Big Corp store, asking if I might fit their needs.  Could be a good relationship.  They brought up the concept 'respect', which I deeply approve of. 
  •  Did I mention the Jeep?   Funny how something like that can stick to the side of your bucket for so long.  Just a dirt simple Cherokee Sport, but it's exactly the one I've had an eye peeled for these last five years.  A 1996, it
    missed out on Teh Stupid of the earlier ones, and also Teh Stupid of the later models.  At less than 100K, the one I scored is unmolested by any teenager, and has never been lifted,dropped, folded, spindled, or
    mutilated.  It was literally a Little Old Lady jeep.  All this makes it worth the repair and restoration process which will be my new hobby.  It IS 18 years old, for heavens sake.
  • Bacon.  Bacon is always a Pro. 

Think good thoughts.... be positive....  That's what I need to be doing right now.  Damn it.... that's my weakest skill set.


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