Friday, February 28, 2014

Well, what would you do?

The intertubes human rights networks are abuzz with stories about Lt. Vance of the Connecticut authorities, and his outspoken willingness to go door to door confiscating citizens weapons.  One has no doubt, and he mentions this, that it won't be HE at that spears edge you understand.

Shades of April 18th, 1776.... whut?

So..... what would you do?  Knowing your name is on that list, and soon your home will be visited by the heavily armed and armored  King's soldiers (all dressed in their tacticallist blacks with matching helmets and matching machine guns and matching desire to go home alive at the end of their shift no matter how many other peoples bodies they stack to do it).

What would you do?  No... don't answer here.  Don't say a word to me or anyone else.  I'm sure that even the thought of not dieing as commanded is a crime of some sort, let alone actually speaking out. 

Still..... speak that question in the quietness of your own mind..... ask of yourself what you would do.

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