Sunday, March 30, 2014


I made coleslaw just now, in a bid to taste some green on this supremely grey and dismal day.

It's funny, how one sense of something added to the mix of all the other senses can change the blend, like mixing pigments in paint.  A taste of fresh coleslaw on a sandwich goes towards counteracting the cold rain pelting the windows.

It's much the same when we walk a trail, parking lot, or alley.  Our senses team up to feed us information, and our brain sorts the incoming data into an image of our surroundings.  At times, it all adds up to what we expect to see, and we roll with that.  

At other times, it's something like duck duck duck duck goose duck duck duck..... HEY, Wait a minute!  Our brain scans back to what set off the alert, and we refocus.   

I'm thinking about camouflage, and how it works.

I'm also thinking about a grilled provolone and sharp cheese sandwich with prosciutto, and coleslaw on the side.

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