Saturday, April 26, 2014

Any day that begins with bacon.... is automatically a good day by default.

In other news...  schoolishness.... teacher stuff......   I are doing my job as best I can.  It's a tough row to hoe, given the adult 'degree' program is literally given zero resources. I can't even get the school to cough up text books.  Seriously...... no text books..... in a college level program that ends up with 'Degree' written on the certificate.


Ah well...... being an adjunct instructor has pros and cons.  On the con side.... low pay, no bennies, and intermittent part time work.  On the pro side..... screw the paperwork, take your meetings and shove them, and when it comes to the school going downhill, I no longer have a dog in that fight.

Frankly, with my full time employment swinging wrenches and tweaking electrons (which I am quite pleased with), teaching evenings makes for three 16 hour days a week.  As much as I like teaching, that's not as enjoyable now as my younger self found it.  Add in the barren dessert which is the schools support of the program, and I have my doubts if I'll take it on again.

I feel bad for the students, in a way.... but it is an ADULT program, and they are supposedly ADULTS.   Maybe there are more lessons there for them than just the feex-de-caar stuff.

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