Thursday, April 10, 2014

I am not who I thought I was...

One of my work duties is to take vehicles purchased at auction, and prepare them for sale on our used car lots.  This means going over the vehicles to a depth most people would not understand.   EVERYTHING is checked, and just about everything is repaired or serviced, no matter how major or minor.  Needs an engine?  Do it.  Needs a seat recovered?  Do it.  Needs a $4 part to fix the gas fill hatch?  Do it. Tires less than great?  Replace them. Radio reception poor?  Replace it.

Frankly, there is not a car on our lot that I would hesitate to own.

Maybe that's why this family has been in business there for 25 years.

Anyway.... the other day I have a late model Toyota I am going over.  On my list-to-feex, a brake warning light, an antilock warning light, and a check engine warning light.  About 20 minutes into exploring the issues, I decide the antilock/antiskid module is faulted.  As is my custom, I do a visual inspection before proceeding.

On looking at the module, I find this:

On the right side, we can see the harness latch is lifted, disengaging the wiring harness from the module.  I clicked it back in place.  All issues resolved.  Go team me!

Happy dance for a moment.... until I inform the business owner of the easy fix.  He tells me things like that happen all the time on auction cars.  Used car dealer/buyers often disconnect things while inspecting the vehicle, in an effort to create warning lights that drive bidding lower.

I was.... stunned.  

A)  Who the fuck THINKS like that?

B)  More importantly.... given my extreme low opinion of humans in general.... why wasn't that the FIRST thing I looked for??

I'm concerned that I may have a deep seated faith in humanity that I never suspected existed. Not sure how to deal with that thought.


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