Sunday, April 20, 2014

The answer to life, bacon, and everything......

Bacon.  An ancient method of preserving valuable meat from the centuries before refrigeration and canning were developed.

Bacon.  Parts of the venerable hog, treated with smoke, gentle heat, salt, spices, and loving time.  It becomes a flavor spectrum all to itself, with promises of intense cooking scents and deep, deep life giving energy and goodness.

To quote David Spaulding, as he paraphrases Ben Franklin.... "Bacon is proof that God wants us to be happy".    I can find no flaw in that statement.

I like to buy my bacon by the slab, ordered from a local meat market.  It's comes whole, and must be sliced down into usable pieces.  For me, that means quartering, wrapping, and freezing.  One piece at a time, a few pounds, goes to the bottom drawer of the fridge.

Sliced as thick as wished..... twice that of store bought bacon..... and treated to a grind of fresh black pepper.

I cook my bacon in the oven, on a cooling rack placed over a baking sheet.  375 degrees til judged done.

I try..... try..... to cook  too much.  Sometimes it works.   Why too much?  Leftovers my gentle readers... leftovers.

Cooked bacon in the fridge is akin to having a pot of culinary gold hidden away.  Sliced, slivered, diced, crumbled... it's a flavor explosion ticking away, waiting for a palate to stun.

A bit added to pasta sauce..... astounding.  Slivers cooked into a grilled cheese sandwich.... suddenly it's a masterpiece. Diced and mixed with blu-cheese dressing for a salad... exceptional.   There is no end to what can be done...... no end.

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