Sunday, October 4, 2015

Gun control? How about human rights.

Gun control....

Is it about the 2nd amendment?  About 'common sense', whatever that undefined bogey is?   Is it about some peoples fears and other peoples beliefs?

Allow me to spend a moment here explaining thoughts of mine on the subject.

I am a human being.  I BELIEVE human beings have inherent rights.  To the point being discussed here, I believe all people... ALL PEOPLE... have the human right of defending themselves against violence.   It's an individual right, not a collective one.  (Oh.... I agree that a society has the obligation to protect it's citizens, but only so far as the individuals human rights are not abrogated.)

To that end, I believe human beings have the right to own whatever means of personal self defense they can afford;  The means to defend themselves against criminals, terrorists, and oppressors both foreign and domestic. 

If that isn't clear enough.... I believe all people have the right to defend themselves against violence and coercion...  even that of their own government.

Mentally unstable murderers bent on making a name for themselves....  as bad as that is... as much as our society seems bent on glorifying such monsters.... as much as so many politicians live for that moment when they can dance in the blood of victims while trumpeting their favorite feel good yet pointless vote buying scam...... have nothing to say about my human rights.

Nor yours.

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