Sunday, June 5, 2016

What I'm reading: Hell's Gate, what I just read.)

Yesterday, I was afforded the opportunity to 'Be a Good Boyfriend' and go hang out with Herself in the hospital all day.  This not being my first rodeo, I accepted the offer.... and I grabbed a book to take along.

It turned to be the right choice of book.  Hell's Gate, by Bill Schutt and J.R.Finch, is a light thriller-ish novel, and managed to keep me sane while sitting in the ER for 6 hours.  I finished it just as the Doc cut her loose (No worries, all is well).

Set in WWII, Hell's Gate is a what-if story of an officer with a scientific bent being sent to deepest South American jungle, there to sniff out a hellish plot by axis forces.

There's just enough character development to get a reader interested, and the flashes of science that peak through the story actually build a framework which holds together.  The author is a zoologist, and that experience is what shows through consistently in the story.  

I'll be looking for more from this writer.  I suspect we haven't heard the last from this MacCready character of his.

I would call it light summertime reading.   You get a chance to relax for an hour while enjoying the weather, or maybe a quiet Sunday morning over coffee, and this would be a book to grab.


freddyboomboom said...

Added to my wish list.

Thanks for the recommendation!

Carteach said...

NP my friend. I don't think it's for sale yet, but soon enough.
I wonder if Amazon has some sort of 'watch' list I can set up, for when authors I like turn out new books?

freddyboomboom said...

Your question made me go find out...

You can go to an author's Amazon page, and below their picture is a "follow" button, and supposedly Amazon will send you emails when they're putting out a new book, or other news.

You have to be logged into your Amazon account, of course.

Carteach said...

Nice! Thank you Sir.