Sunday, July 16, 2017

7-16-17 Web Log

A week ago, I took my own portfolio in to share with my students.  A decent binder that contains my resume, training certificates, evaluations, articles, certifications... all the stuff I like to keep in my 'Gee, ain't I great?' book.    

I 'splained to my mush-heads how this portfolio is used when job hunting.   It's a story book to show a potential employer, giving some details of one's career to-date.  It's a clue towards potential value.
Most of all, it's a means to get one's name to the top of the pile.

I 'splained to the mush-heads..... it's typical for an employer to get a big stack of applications and resumes.  A *good* resume can get one's name to the top half of the stack. With luck, to the top five.... and it's the top five the employer is going to interview.  At that point, a good portfolio can swing the whole deal in a person's favor, especially if it's the only one on the table.  It goes towards dedication and professionalism, and any employer wants to see those traits.

Well, don't ya know.... on Friday one of my mush-heads walks in with a nice, neat, 1" binder.  In it, his resume, copies of licenses, and copies of his training certificates.  All these are in sheet protectors, with tabs for ease of selection.  I made a few small comments on possible improvements, which were done before lunch.

Mush-heads indeed..... except perhaps that one.  His mush seems to be firming up nicely.

In other news..... I have managed to get a sound from one of my knee's that I've never heard before.  I was standing with some students, instructing on a technique, and turned to my left.  My left knee gave out a *POP* that totally upstaged my lesson, as every student looked down at the knee with some sort of horrified fascination.  My quietly voiced 'erp' went without notice, I think.

What could I do?  I shifted my weight to the right leg, finished my point, and limped away while screaming internally.  Mustn't show weakness before the wolves!

Yeah..... ice packs and Bourbon my friends.  Ice packs and Bourbon.  I'm really hoping this thing resolves itself without further $attention$.  For what it matters, I believe frozen corn makes for the best ice pack available.  I need to keep more of it around here......

Also FWIW, Whiskey cat seems content to have me chair bound, as he takes advantage of what friend Dana terms 'Lappage'.

Oh..... a final thought....

LawDog has FINALLY gotten off his ass long enough to turn his spectacular story telling into a book.   
GO..... BUY..... THIS...... NOW.........
(If you have Kindle unlimited, it's part of that package.)

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