Saturday, July 22, 2017

7-22-17 Web Log

So..... what's up in my tiny universe?  Not much of special note, lately.

The knee issue..... meh.  It's getting better. R.I.C.E. and all that stuff, and trying not to stupidify it again.

The school gig....
This class moves on in a few days, and I get a fresh batch of mush heads.  I'm still doing Mechanical Drivetrains for the next four weeks, and that's just cuddles since I spent the past four assembling curriculum material for it.  It's all pretty much in the bag, as far as that goes.

The new class will be a chance to change my own teaching persona a bit. I've been relaxing on the minor rules too much, and the little rat bastards certainly take advantage.  It didn't get disruptive, but it easily could have.

I guess that's a beautiful upside to having a new class every four or eight weeks.  I can transmogrify myself as I learn, as much as the stud-nets can.

Anywhichaway, in other news.... In the battle for small happiness, I've replaced the Vroom-Swoosh thing in my old hot tub.  It now makes a healthy Vroom-Swoosh sound instead of the unhealthy Fzzzt-POP! sound.    Lord 'ha mercy on me, but that hot water feels life giving when the pains start piling up.   I suspect today will be a three dipper, given the cleared social schedule and the 'ache-level' at the moment.

On that note, I believe it's time to try a bottle of the Cherry wine I put to bed last year.   I've a feeling it's due to come into it's own. What could be better to enjoy as I soak away, than a chilled glass of the deep red sour cherry wine?

The weekend plans went from traveling and spending time with dear friends, to staying home and just.... recovering.  If that happens to involve a few bottles of wine, a cuddly and loving other, and a newly repaired hot tub....

Life could be worse, my friends..... it could be worse.

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