Saturday, August 12, 2017

8-12-17 Web log

I worked a double yesterday. 6:30 aye em to 8:00 pee em. Also the added couple hours drive time to make that happen.

It seems the knee I thought mostly healed up was angrified by so much stomping around and scowling.  This morning, getting out of that warm and wonderful bed, the left knee gave a out a hearty 'Screw You Fat Boy' and done twisted my bad word knob up to elevenses. 

In another story, it turns out a 2.5 pound bag of frozen corn makes a PERFECT ice pack for a large swollen knee.   Mighty sweet luck, if you ask me.

In yet another story, I now realize that no battle was so carefully planned as the breakfast of a man with a bum knee, and very limited vertical minutes.

What some call a one pan stacker.  All cooked in one pan, and just stacked on the plate as you go.  Lay down some toast, and top it
with a tasty 'lil ham steak done up in butter in the fry pan.  On that, a couple fried eggs from the same pan.  Not done too hard, since warm egg yolk is a damn fine sauce over ham steak and toast.

Fill the coffee, hobble back to the recliner (Giving the parrot her due on the way past), and enjoy while RICEing the knee.

Critters are fed.  I'm fed. Herself is sleeping in.  My coffee cup is full.   All's good for now.

Gonna be a quiet day, I suspect.


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