Monday, August 14, 2017

Riot self defense?

A question came by my screen: How does self-defense work in violent riots like that?

The answer, to my mind, is deceptively simple. When you hear about very stupid people planning to do very stupid things, *you* plan on being someplace else. Stupid is deadly. Always has been, always will be. Stay away from teh stupid.

As for the image, both those idiots are wielding deadly weapons. Spray fire at, or wave big sticks at, a police officer and they may not even have to fill out forms after shooting you. Killing stupid people who wave deadly things at you is accepted reason to kill them DRT.

That said... these two fucktards aren't trying to kill each other. They are symbolically having a 'who's gotta bigger dick' contest, and they both lost for being realistically unarmed.

Would I shoot either one of these morons at that point? Honestly, no. Not if I had room to step back, especially not if I had room to walk away.

*I'd* have forms to fill out, even if Officer Friendly doesn't

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