Sunday, March 11, 2018

A gentle reminder....

Over at The Next Chapter, a kind link to an old Carteach0 article concerning the Yugo M-48 Mauser rifle.

Appended on the Carteach0 article, communications from Nuthernug describing in exquisite detail the mistakes I made in the piece.  He added footnotes and sources..... ones the I had access to as well.

Yeah, and here we see why I gave up the gun blogging stuff eventually.  At one time I thought I knew something about it.  Then, when I learned enough, I realized how little I actually knew.

As in..... I'm an idiot, and there's no need to share that little fact with EVERYONE in the world.

I have thought of picking that pen back up.   Then this gentle reminder comes home.



1 comment:

"Zack" said...

Man, your original article was wonderful and the way you handled the updated information was pure class.

Your photography and prose is always a cut above; pick that pen back up!