Friday, July 6, 2018

Woo HOO!

Cutter Doc this morning.   He says I'm at 40% or so, with another year to be at 100%.

Yes, this is GOOD news, because I am damn near functional already, and thought I might be at 60-70%.  To me, this means I have a lot of positive ahead, and maybe even days with no pain!

Oh, he also cleared me for full duty and full time as of two weeks from now.  YESSS!!!

I'm already scheduled back in front of a class on the 23rd.  Right where I want to be, teaching what I like best, on my favorite schedule.

Now, there are some limitations. No pushing a lawn mower or trail hiking for... I guess.... the rest of the year.  Stay off uneven surfaces for that time.  The gym will be okay, just don't be stupid.  That right there, the 'don't be stupid' part, may be my biggest challenge.

Take for example, this moment in geniusosity...

Today, for the first time in four weeks, I attempted to use the toilet with pants on.  Evil, nasty, pantses.... we hateses the pantseses.....

Think about that.  With pants on, both legs are tethered together and one can't be stretched out while squatting down.  They must stay in line to support the body as it lowers, and this might just be the most flexing people do with their knees on any average day.

Yeah..... there is 'stings a bit', and then there's 'Holy fuck what HAVE I DonE!?!?'.

On the other hand, it's good to have a new goal in front of me.

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