Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Giving security a thought....

Hat-Tip to Tam for the video and the subject. 

I believe a response to situations like this are best thought through in advance, whenever possible. Is that a fun thing to do? Not usually, but it can be reduced to the annoyance level of, say, taking out the trash... when practiced enough.

Yes, I have my habits and plans for dealing with many situations. Breaking down on the road, being snowed in, losing electricity, and yes... having an armed intruder come to the door and try to force their way in. Does that mean paranoia? Nope, not when such things really happen. The video attached was not staged.

There is an extra special bonus prize to devoting a little skull time to planning your own personal security. It changes.... YOU.  The way you think, the way you talk, the way you walk... it makes you think and look different.  I believe to my core that human-animal predators can sense vulnerability, or a lack thereof.   Someone who has planned to, and is prepared to, fight back is an unhealthy target for the relatively cowardly and opportunistic thug/thugette.

Do you ever give your personal security a thought? Give some brain-time to scenarios from your every day life? 'Think about it' takes on a new meaning, hmm?

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