Thursday, September 12, 2019

One party hates me. The other party just dislikes me.

I'ma doing me some Googlin this morning, to gauge how much the two-party system despises me lately.

It began with this search term:  "(Party Name) policy for-profit schools"  to see which party would like me to be broke and homeless.  You see, I teach at a for-profit school.  No matter our success rate, and our 90% employment rate at graduation, and our students being able to repay their loans 5X faster than traditional universities (Because they can get actual real jobs that pay real money).

Yeah, so one party backs my industry, and the other reviles it to the point of destruction. 

Well, that there alone points out a path I should regard.

Just keep right on searching, and change the terms to things you care about.  See what lovely things those folks have in store for us.


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